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Drug Testing for Recruitment

April 5, 2010 in Employee Drug Testing Information

Work place drug testing has become almost a must these days and you need to pass one in order to keep your job safe.

The addiction to drugs has increased to such an extent these days that several steps taken in that respect doesn’t prove to be much fruitful. For that reason in the last few years it has been seen that different companies and their employers are putting forth the condition of having cleared a drug test before giving employment to their employees. Not only in different companies but also in several other institutions like schools, sports teams, and many such are also conducting On-Site Drug Test programs to ensure that their candidates are not addicted to drugs. This process is legally acclaimed and almost most of the countries acclaimed the practice.

Therefore if you want to apply for a job in any company and the employer asks you for a drug test, you are bound to go for it and of course pass it in order to get the job. Along with that it is also true that everybody is allowed the choice whether he wants to give a drug test or not. Nobody can force on it. But along with that it is also to be taken for sure that if your employer asks for a drug test and you do not agree with that, you are not going to get the job.

In some companies it is also seen that periodical drug test campaigns are organized. The reason is that the employers want to make sure that their employees have not taken to drug addiction after joining the company. Therefore to keep your job safe you need to be conscious enough that you do not fall pray to the evil clutches of drug addiction anyway.

There are various methods for conducting a drug test. The most effective one is of course the blood test. But besides that there are several other ways to find out traces of drugs in your body. These methods include urine test, saliva test, hair or hair follicle test etc. Let us now discuss about some of these methods.

Let us first take the example of urine test. In this process the urine samples of the candidate is collected. After that this sample is tested with the help of a panel kit. The sample can also be sent to the laboratory for a through testing to be done on it. This process can find the tresses of drugs easily. And this is a very common process used in most of the cases.

Other than the urine test there are other methods also. One such method is the saliva test. The problem with saliva test is that the usage of drugs in only last few days can be tressed. But the usage more than that cannot be found out that easily. Therefore the practice of saliva tests is not that much popular. But in cases where the only the usage of drugs in the recent days is needed this process is applied. In case of hair and hair follicle testing hair samples are collected to found tresses of drugs in the body. With the help of this process the long-term usage of drugs can be found out. But the problem is that in this process recent usage cannot be noticed. The hair follicle test is conducted in case the candidate is not having any hair on his head. This is rather a painful process and is avoided as far as possible.

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