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Workplace Alcohol Screening

July 12, 2010 in Employee Drug Testing Information

Alcoholism drug testing kits are one of the tools employers use to try and deter on-the-job drinking. Particularly in companies utilizing heavy equipment alcohol testing helps keep the job site safe, and co-workers out of the line of danger from an impaired operator.

Many companies now perform surprise alcoholism drug screens, and include this requirement in their policy and procedure manual. Employers know that on-the-job drinking leads to accidents, poor output, increased insurance claims and increased absenteeism. By including this information as policy, workers can then give informed consent to undergo the alcohol test whenever the company dictates.

It’s important to remember that the government and various regulatory agencies often have directives for alcohol testing as a mandated, standard practice. One example is that many school boards require on-going testing for school bus drivers. Similarly, anyone working for the department of transportation must be tested regularly.

Most companies consider the saliva test to be the most time and cost effective of the two options. Breathalyzers require 20 minutes and a second testing if the first proves positive. Saliva testing takes only 2 minutes.

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